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Payroll Reports - How to Generate Payroll Report in E-Work Force Portal?

Payroll reports help business managers and owners get informed about the total number of employees in the organization, understand the overall expenditure of salaries and wages, identify the highest and lowest salaried individuals, and complete pay schedules and tax deductions.

The procedure to generate payroll reports

With manual payroll processing software, generating such reports can make the payroll department's life difficult. However, with E-Work Force Payroll Software, all reports are available only a few clicks away. We have developed a separate report section through which you can generate reports of your choice after filling the filters implemented against each report. More interestingly, you have numerous design choices to make your paystubs reports according to your choice and allow your employees to receive paystubs reports uniquely.

Reports that E-Work Force Payroll generates for you

Here is a list of payroll reports you can generate when registered with E-Work Force Payroll Software:

  • Paystubs Report (available in multiple designs)
  • Employee Pay Report
  • Employee Tax Report
  • Payroll Register Report
  • Paycheck History Report
  • Payroll Details Report
  • Departments in Payroll
  • Direct Deposit Detail Report
  • Printed Cheques Detail Report
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Wages Report
  • Pay Rate Report
  • Tax Liabilities Report
  • Assigned Deduction Report
  • Deduction History Report
  • Assigned Contribution Report
  • Contribution History Report
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