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Payroll Contractor Portal

Payroll Contractor Portal – How to Create Contractor Portal in E-Work Force?

All businesses have contractors working independently or attached to any other organization. The management finds it challenging to manage these contractors separately from the employees because, legally, you must provide information that may not be relevant to the employees. Still, for a contractor, it is necessary.

Payroll Contractor Portal offered by E-Work Force Payroll provides businesses with a well-organized, established, and different platform from which you can manage their compensations conveniently.

To manage Payroll Contractor Portal, you need to add all contractors with vital information. You can also allow your contractors to add their detailed information. However, basic information will be submitted by you. To enable your contractors to add detailed information, you will invite them after providing their email addresses.

Which Information should be provided?

Overall, the following information is required to provide to run the payroll contractor portal successfully:

  • Legal name/business name
  • Tax classification
  • Social Security numbers (SSNs) (If needed)
  • Employer ID Numbers (EINs) (If any)
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information
  • Home Address
  • Pay rates
  • Bank information to
    deposit the

  • compensations directly

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