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Bank Integration

How does E-Work Force Payroll Software work?

Integrating E-Work Force Payroll Software with your bank provides you a relief you never imagined before. This payroll bank integration automatically helps you get real-time financial information, and it simply means faster payroll management.

Why is Payroll Bank Integration necessary?

To avoid the risk of human error and save time, money, and effort, you need to keep your payroll up to date, which is possible while having E-Work Force Payroll Software. With one of the most advanced payroll processing software, you find more efficient payroll operations and happier employees. And it confirms your business is performing exceptionally well.

How does E-Work Force Payroll Software work?

You only need to provide the company's bank details and employees' accounts to the software and integrate this information with the bank. Now, you can make salary transfer easier and smooth.
You can get bank details immediately once you add an employee or invite him to E-Work Force Payroll. If you add all details by yourself, you will get the employees' bank details. In case of allowing employees to provide all their details personally, you can advise them to add their bank details on their own.
With E-Work Force Payroll Software, you can offer the following options to the employees for receiving their salaries and wages:

Direct Deposit

The employees will get their salaries direct in their accounts. You need to integrate their bank accounts with E-Work Force Payroll Software. It will generate salaries and wages for all your employees, and you can send the amount they deserve directly to their accounts. You will integrate the company's account with the software to make the whole process transparent and accurate.

Printed Cheques

Many organizations prefer giving salaries and wages through cheques. Here, we need to mention that manual processing makes salary days hectic for the payroll department. Calculating everyone's wages and preparing cheques can become an uphill task. E-Work Force allows you to print cheques automatically after calculating the net income online with the Printed Cheques option.
While sending salaries through direct deposit or giving printed cheques, you can also send payroll paystubs directly to everyone's email addresses with a single click.
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