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Employee Pay Schedule

Employee Pay Schedule - How to Set Employee Salary in E-Work Force?

When you start using E-Work Force Payroll software, you need to focus on determining the schedule on which you pay salaries and compensations to your employees and workforce. Here, you may have numerous classifications you need to utilize. For example, you have salaried and hourly employees and both have separate rules. Here, you need to confirm that you will pay all employees similarly. You should also ensure that all employees are paid timely because keeping them motivated and smoothly running business operations is critical.

What is a Pay Schedule?

It means a recurring length of time. E-Work Force Payroll Software calculates the time and generates salaries after adjusting all commissions and bonuses and deducting taxes. Generally, there are four types of pay periods or pay schedules addressed in Employee Pay Schedule defined by E-Work Force Payroll. Here are these periods:


It means 52 paychecks in a year. Mainly, companies pay weekly to those employees who are hourly employees.


This pay schedule is used when you pay your employees fortnightly or every other week. So, you need to generate 26 paychecks in a year if chosen a biweekly pay schedule.


Some companies pay twice a month to their employees. If you are one of them, you can select it while using Employee Pay Schedule offered by E-Work Force.


A monthly payment schedule is the most common globally. Using a monthly employee pay schedule means you generate 12 paychecks yearly.
So, choose any of these four pay schedules and improve your overall payroll management system.

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